Our Director/ Owner


Pamela Tanner, the center's owner, director, and administrator, founded Kids' Stop in 1985. Pamela holds a B.A in Human Resources with a specialization in Early Child Care Development and Education from Oakland University. She is a member of the Wayne County Child Care Development Professionals Association and the Michigan and National Association for the Education of Young Children. Kids' Stop is licensed by the state of Michigan.


Our Staff


The Director is responsible for the hiring of all staff members. Our screening process includes a determination of each applicant's educational accomplishments, experience, personal/character traits, and overall knowledge of child development and childcare techniques.


Also included in our screening procedure is a through background check of the individual, including a state criminal background check and well as a check through the DHS for any previous record of abuse.

" Accept the children the way we accept trees- with gratitude, because they are a blessing- but do not have expectations or desires. You dont expect trees to change, you love them as they are. " -Isabel Allende